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Keystone Private Connect

Keystone Private Connect

A gateway for deal flow, ideas, capital and comparative reporting between participants in the wealth management landscape.


Access, participation, collaboration


As a multi-family office Keystone Private has exposure to an extensive collection of clients, investment managers, advisors, sources of capital, and investment opportunities across all asset classes.

Keystone Private Connect is the coordination of opportunity and information that is often fragmented and incomplete if viewed on a case-by-case basis.

“Keystone Private Connect your partners in performance.”


Deal Flow

You don’t know what you don’t know. Individual clients and investment managers only see those opportunities within their own network.

Keystone Private Connect brings each of those networks together to create a much larger suite of opportunities.

Collaborative Investing

Keystone Private Connect provides the opportunity to invest alongside other like-minded investors. This can be accomplished as simple co-investing, deal clubbing or as part of a syndicate. You are able to take advantage of the collective knowledge, experience and decision-making processes of other clients, managers and advisors.

As a collective, Keystone Private Connect provides access to participate in investment opportunities that may have minimum investment levels above your usual risk or diversification tolerances.

Comparative Reporting

Given the spectrum of managers we work with across a variety of client files, we can provide real world comparatives for the performance of your investments. Such comparatives can be at asset class, portfolio or manager levels.

Having this information available allows you to consider your investment manager performance and benchmark against others. Your decision-making process will be fully informed, based on independent information not readily available to individual clients.

Keystone Private Connect Team

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Alvin Leach

Director – Connect

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Senior Finance Manager


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